Kyosho Motor LE MANS 240S BRUSHLESS Motor (15.5T/4WD) #37032

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Product Description:

Le Mans is the name synonymous with the quality and power of Kyosho motors. Together with the original Plazma, Fantom, Optima and Ultima, the Le Mans motors took the world by storm in the 1980’s. The Le Mans 240 brushless series in launched in 2013 reaches its highest level of performance with the latest Le Mans 240S, designed specifically for sprint racing (4-minutes). Two specifications are available; 19.5T is optimal for 2WD and 15.5T is optimal for 4WD. Featuring a dustproof design without cooling holes, the 240S is specified with a turn count that is one rank above its class to enable strong performance without strain. The many other features of the Le Mans 240S brushless motor are explained below. Give yourself a decisive racing edge with this true racing spec tuned motor.

- Designed without cooling holes for the rear motor mounted Vintage Series, the dust proof Le Mans 240S protects the motor from dust particles.
- Nickel plating produces a brilliant mirror finish to the motor can.
- CNC machining of the front and rear bells creates a nostalgic feel with the vivid red anodized finish of that generation.
- Front bell features 6 balls to resemble the design from the 1980s.
- End bell angle can be precisely adjusted with only 3 screws and easy to see scales.
- A, B, C terminals feature gold plating to minimize current supply loss and U-shape for easy soldering.

Operating Voltage:1-3S/12.6V
Max Current:38A
Max Power:320W
Motor Diameter(mm):35.8
Motor Length(mm):51.2
Shaft Length(mm):15
Shaft Diameter(mm):3.175

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