Hobby Wing EZRun Max8 G2 Brushless ESC/Motor Combo 2500kV w/Program Box (2022)

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Product Description:

Hobbywing EZRun Max8 G2 Waterproof Brushless ESC and Motor Combo includes the awesome 4268SD G2 - 2500kV sensored motor to deliver high torque, fast acceleration response and stable power output for 1/8 scale applications. Special technology for temperature control is implemented by the motor and provides less heat more efficiently (efficiency rate of up to 90%). The EZRun Max8 G2 Waterproof Brushless ESC, with installed XT90 connectors is built with high quality components and loaded with cutting edge firmware. 


  • ESC: 
    • Waterproof
    • Sensored or Sensorless Brushless Operation
    • 6S LiPo Compatible 
    • Dual XT90 Plugs 
  • Motor:
    • 4 pole rotor for high torque, fast acceleration response and stable power output.
    • Special technology for temperature control implemented by this motor guarantees less heat more efficiency (efficiency rate of up to 90%).
    • CNC machined aluminum housing, high purity copper windings, advanced rotor structure, high-quality alloy steel output shaft, high-precision bearings for high durability and smoothness.
    • Rebuild-able design (partially rebuild-able) for routine maintenance effectively prolongs the motor life and raises the motor efficiency.
    • This EZRUN motor is a perfect match for the HOBBYWING EZRUN MAX8 G2 ESC


  • ESC:
    • Continuous Current: 160A 
    • Peak Current: 1050A 
    • Plug Type: XT90 
    • Motor Type: Sensored  or Sensorless Brushless 
    • Applications: 1/8 Touring Car, Buggy, Truggy, Monster Truck 
    • Brushless Motor Limit 4S LiPo/12-Cell NiMH: 3000 (4274 size motor) 
    • Brushless Motor Limit 6S LiPo/18-Cell NiMH: 2400 (4274 size motor) 
    • LiPo/NiMH Cells: 3-6S LiPo / 9-18 Cell NiMH 
    • BEC Output: 6V/7.4V/8.4V Switchable, Continuous current of 10A (Switch mode BEC) 
    • Cooling Fan: Powered by the stable BEC voltage of 6V/7.2V 
    • Size (LxWxH): 60x48x40.5mm 
    • Weight: 192g 
    • Programming Port: Fan/PRG Port  
  • Motor:
    • Pole: 
    • KV(No-load): 2500 
    • R. (u): 0.0065 
    • Current No-load A: 4.8
    • Motor D & L (mm): D=42, L=68 
    • Shaft D & L of the projecting part (mm): D=5, L=18.5 
    • LiPo(S): 2-4 
    • Weight: 355g (12.52oz) 
    • Applicable: 1/8th Off-Road, 1/10th Truck



  • EZRun Max8 ESC with XT90 connectors
  • Accessories (double sided tape, etc)
  • 4268SD - 2500kV Brushless sensored motor 

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