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FAZER MK2 Mercedes AMG GT3 Shipments of the 2020 model of the Mercedes AMG GT3 commenced in late 2019 and are expected to compete in major international races including the Japan Super GT. The distinctive powerful aero form of the GT machine is realized even in this 1/10 scale version.




The FAZER Mk2 Readyset was created for the pure enjoyment of R/C car driving. Now available as a chassis kit, owners have the flexibility to add their own body and R/C system. Specifications have been elevated with optional parts such as HD TC center shaft S and TC universal swing shaft L to enhance the unrivaled symmetrical design and front-rear suspension balance of the lightweight chassis for R/C racers to enjoy. While the deckless design looks simple, a reduced number of components improves maintenance efficiency and optimizes torsional rigidity. Incorporation of nylon material further reduces weight and improves impact resistance. With its unique design, the FZ02 chassis embodies features and performance that will appeal to R/C drivers of all levels.


40% pre-assembled (shocks and diff gears are not filled with oil so assembly can be completed to preferred setting). The FZ02’s effective low center of gravity design compliments the high strength and rigidity realized through front & rear stiffeners and rib reinforcement at key sections of the chassis.


Duralumin HD TC center shaft S (FAW209) provides increased rigidity compared to the standard resin shaft included in the Readyset. In addition to smoother driving transmission, the red anodized color has striking visual appeal. Included aluminum plate protects the motor from dirt and provides effective heat dissipation, especially in the heat of summer racing.


TC Universal swing shafts L (FAW202) on the front drive section don’t drop out on heavy contact like dog bone shafts. In addition, the swing shafts deliver consistent drive transmission even when joint is at a wide steering angle.

A special resin transponder mounting stay is included for when the chassis is competing in race events. There is no need to make a handmade stay or holes in the body to fit a transponder.

Included body mounts enable bodies from various manufacturers to be fitted. In addition, two different brake-disk wheel hubs allow 190mm and 200mm chassis width settings for compatibility with various body types.


Oil shocks and springs optimize the front-rear geometric balance, delivering both light handling and precise control. (Silicone oil for the shocks is sold separately)


Bump steer and scrub radius, the two factors with the greatest influence on handling, have been optimized on the front suspension. Interchangeable front-rear and left-right hub carriers improve parts efficiency and maintenance.


Included original low-profile semi-slick pattern FAT701M TC Tire (M), inner sponge and FAH701BK Wheel (unglued), that provide superior performance.


Equipped with Front and Rear light buckets compatible with optional 97054 LED Light unit which is sold separately.
By installing the LED light unit, improves scale realism for body shell.


Technical Data

■Length (Body Length) 375mm(464mm)
■Width(Body Width) 200mm /190mm(207mm)
■Ground clearance 8mm (approx.)
■Wheelbase 260mm
■Tread(Body width:190mm)F:164mm/R:164mm
■Tread(Body width:200mm)F:174mm/R:174mm
■Tires F: φ66mm x 25mm/R:φ66mm x 25mm
■Gear Ratio 6.54:1
■Total storage weight Approx. 1,490g (with 7.4V4000 LiPo)


Kit Content

●40% pre-assembled chassis
●FAW202 TC Universal Swing Shaft S
●FAW209 HD TC Center Shaft S
●Aluminum Motor Dust Plate
●transponder mounting stay
●+0mm off-set wheel hub & M4 x 16 Wheel screw(for 190mm width body)
●+5mm off-set wheel hub & M4 x 22 Wheel screw(for 200mm width body)
●body mounts for various manufacturers bodies
●FAT701M TC Tires(M)
●Inner Sponge
●FAH701BK Wheel
●1.5/2.0/2.5mm Hexagonal wrench


Requirement to Run

●2ch 1 servo R/C system for cars(Receiver size:L45xW28xH22mm or less)*Recommended products No.82138/82151
●540-550 class motor *Recommended products No.37031/37032
●ESC compatible with motor used(Size:L36xW32xH23mm or less)*Recommended products No.37051
●Survo *Recommended products No.82273
●Battery charger
●Battery for chassis compatible with ESC used(SIze:L145xW47xH25mm or less)*Recommended products No.GAB4201
●4 x AA batteries for transmitter
●Damper Oil *Recommended products No.SIL0400-8
●Grease(for Ring Gear & Diff)*Recommended products No.96162
●Silicone OIL(for Diff)*Recommended products F:No.SIL50000/R:No. SIL3000
●Velvet Coating Pinion Gear No.PNGA4832 - No.PNGA4837 (For brushless motor )
●Steel Pinion Gear No.PNGS4829 - No.PNGS4836 (For brushless motor )
●Paint for polycarbonate body



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