For Traxxas Waterproof SERVO METAL Gear Digital 2075 Servo 18KG

  • Standard Servo Waterproof Digital 18KG
  • Metal Gear Servo for Traxxas




DIGITAL SERVO Standard Size Waterproof High torque replacement Servo 18kg.  High quality components , delivers exceptional performance at this price.  New generation frequency control module eliminates noise



  • Double bearings
  • 25T bracket teeth ( like  Futaba)
  • Waterproof
  • Pair at 6V 18 kg-cm
  • Speed ​​at 6V 0.12 sec-60 °

This economical and reliable servo control is the ideal solution to improve the ready-to-use RTR model sets for RC cars, boats and planes.

Technical features:

  • Digital servo
  • Waterproof
  • Operating voltage 4.8-6.6V
  • 6V torque: 18.0 kg-cm
  • Speed ​​at 6V: 0.12 sec
  • Weight 56 ​​grams
  • Two ball bearings
  • DC motor
  • Type of metal gear Copper and Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 40.7x20.5x39.5 mm
  • Teeth for 25 teeth bracket (like Futaba)



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